Multiple Servers are selected and debugging


I get this displayed in the dropdown. How do I only select one ? I have solution with a different console apps, as a result it seems to break debugging. The apps launch but don’t hit any breakpoints. If I create a new solution with just the one target, as also shown the debugging is fine.


I’d need a bit more details.

what are the project types and what are the servers that are selected? This would happen if you, say, have a Linux, Windows, and Mac app, and the first two are both connected to a Linux and Windows PC remotely, for instance. Each individual project/target is still set to one specific server/device, and running should use that, this should not affect debugging.

I have a linux console, a toffee mac console, darwin mac console, .net console, an ios app and a shared project. The console apps are all using eunit. In the console apps, after settting a breakpoint and running. I can see the tests running and the breakpoint changes to a grey color and never stops. When its finishes the breakpoint goes back to a blue color. (3.0 MB)

Gray means either the breakpoint is disabled or Stop on Breakpoints is turned off? There should be a message on that line, too.

It says all breakpoints are disabled. I have stop on exceptions set and when it stopped, it says breakpoint not resolved.

Yes sorry I have stop on breakpoints turned off :frowning: Would it be possible to display the grey color all the time ?

;). it should literally say this right in the editor.

You mean even while not running? i’ll think about it…

Yes please

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