My first pull request for Sugar

Here is Digest support for Cocoa:

Dunno why whole Digest.pas marked as replaced, but actually it have only some code added for Cocoa.

One little patch for Echoes/Cooper - “else” case raises exception for future unsupported digest types (if you add some digest type and on this platform it is not currently implemented).

Cool, thanx!

Not sure if I did all stuff properly, for ex: I did not make feature branch just after forking master repo.

Blog post from RemObjects defenitely can help Sugar to recruite some folks! This post can describe illustrated way how to proper make fork, did some work, commit changes and send pool requests. Also, how to fast forward local repo to current state of original master repo of Sugar! I m sure not all Oxygene folks did know all this stuff and tricks - Delphi (and ex-Delphi) world did not live inside GitHub!

Thank you for the input. As for blog post and other info, we haven’t officially released Sugar yet (we will soon), so this is why we don’t have more information about this. Same for branches, actually, we are currently tuning Sugar for the upcoming release, so we will adjust branches and other stuff.

It’s fine, when we’ll change branches i’ll pull your commit into a proper one.