Named constructors seem to confuse the compiler in Delphi mode

According to the documentation for “Delphi compatibility” mode, I should be able to write the following code:

  TClassWithNamedConstructor = class
    constructor CreateNamed(SomeParam: Integer);

constructor TClassWithNamedConstructor.CreateNamed(SomeParam: Integer);

procedure UseClassWithNamedConstructor;
  var Instance := TClassWithNamedConstructor.CreateNamed(25);

However, here, with version 2527, this does not compile and gives the following error messages:

Severity	Code	Description	
Error		(E51) Implementation for method "constructor (SomeParam: Integer)" is missing	
Error		(E28) Unknown type "TClassWithNamedConstructor.CreateNamed"	
Error		(E43) No static member "CreateNamed" on type "TClassWithNamedConstructor"	

Did I miss something in the compiler options?

Hmm, that definitely looks like a big (or even two, as I get different behavior when in change CreateNamed to Create.

It sees that (a) only Create is allowed (right now), no other names and (b) aside form that, something else goes wrong. I"ll log to have this looked at ASAP.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84638

bugs://84638 got closed with status fixed.