Need help assessing RemObject's Suitability

I’ve been iterating on my own programming language for several years and have several implementations of it in a few programming languages (Xojo and Swift).

The language is command line based but I want to add GUI capabilities to it and I want to support macOS, Windows and Linux.

I want to port my implementation to one of RemObject’s supported languages as I want to move away from proprietary frameworks (like .NET, etc) so I’m very interested in RemObject’s Elements RTL which I think should be able to get me up and running back to a command line interface for my language.

What I am unsure about is what kind of approach can I take to get a simple window with a canvas that I draw to on the three major platforms? I don’t plan on supporting native GUI widgets in my language - I want to draw my own on to a canvas so I just need an approach to get a simple canvas up and running that I can draw primitives too and respond to mouse and keyboard events.

Do you have any kind of advice about how to approach this?

I could do this in Xojo but I suspect I would run afoul of their license agreement in that I would be essentially building a competitor to their product. This is why I want to move to something like RemObjects.