Net core console app in VS: has no deliverable for platform

(xiaoguang) #1


This works in Water:

However, this does not works in VS 2017:

I have to manually kill the VS 2017 process everytime:


And the .net core SDK and runtime on my computer:

Is that any suggestion how to fix the problem?


(marc hoffman) #2

I’m sorry, but what exactly is failing?

(fwiw, the “package has no deliverable” warnings are expected and normal (but we’ve disabled them for the next build. But I get the feeling that they are unrelated to the actual problem you want to report?


(xiaoguang) #3

The problem is that:

Creat a silver .net core cosole application in water/vs 2017, both failed to build/debug.

But if change the Target Framework from “.Net core” to “.Net core 2.2”, water works fine, but VS does not. Actually if I click “start”, if outputs “has no deliverable” and then nothing happens, it always in building state, and I have to kill the VS 2017 process

(xiaoguang) #4

Click start, output build fail, can not close VS

Changed it to taget 2.2:

No build fail, but nothing run, the debugger still hang: