.net core libraries

(JohnMoshakis) #1


If I create a .net core console app and change the binary type to library, can I generate a .net core library ?

I want to create some lambda functions for aws and it requires libraries.


(marc hoffman) #2

sure, yeah.

(JohnMoshakis) #3

Thanks. I got it working

(marc hoffman) #4

usually the idea would be to use .net standard for a library though, right? tha could the work with full and core apps.

(JohnMoshakis) #5

That wouldn’t produce a deps.json file would it ?

To deploy to aws I had upload a zip file of the published folder and when running it looks for the deps.json file.

(marc hoffman) #6

It would not, no.

(JohnMoshakis) #7

If you want I can do a couple of templates for aws lambda functions and carter ?

(marc hoffman) #8

That’d be cool! if you can do them in C#, that’ll make t easier for me to translate them to all 4 languages later (as we can’t convert FROM Oxygene, with Oxidizer).

Did you ever use Java based lambdas? I’ve long been thinking of creating templates for those too, but haven’t gotten around to investigating.

(JohnMoshakis) #9

I only have Oxygene, there isn’t very much code to convert.

No I’ve only been doing them using dotnet.

(marc hoffman) #10

K, no worries.

(JohnMoshakis) #11

This is a web api one using Carter
CarterWebApi.zip (35.9 KB)

You can create a project, run it and do curl http://localhost:80/ and it returns Hello from Carter!

(marc hoffman) #12

cool. i’ll have a look in the morning.

(JohnMoshakis) #13

I forgot to update the elements file

CarterWebApi.zip (34.5 KB)