.NET Core templates?


(marc hoffman) #21

that said, i’d like to see a test case for this error. is that with. project reference between the two projects?

(Mateusz Gałązka) #22

Yes - Class Lib made in Water and changed to .NET Core 2.0. ASP .NET Core Web Application created in VS. Web App has a reference to Class Lib. I’ll try in Water

(Mateusz Gałązka) #23

I’ve opened solution in Water (with C# project WAS .NET Core Web Application) and I’ve got error

This project type is not supported by EBuild: WebApplication2.csproj

(Mateusz Gałązka) #24

Nothing happens when I create new ASP .NET Web Application - I hoped to change standard Webb App to .NET Core Web Ppp

(marc hoffman) #25

ah, see. i missed that one of the projects is vc#, for example. that probably won’t work for now that mixture. but i f you give me a testcase i can take a closer look.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #26

Of course I’ll give you test case :slight_smile: 10 minutes :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #27

No rush, I won’t get to it today.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #28

I understand, but my step will be ready :smiley:

NETCoreTestCase.zip (490.7 KB)

Have a nice day :slight_smile: you are starting, we have 1pm :wink:

(marc hoffman) #29

7:30 am :desert_island: time :wink:

(Mateusz Gałązka) #30

Any news with .NET Core? Thanks :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #31

No, busy week.

But note that even once I look at this, mixing Elements and Visual C# .NET Core projects (via project refs) won’t be supported for a while. I suggest you stuck to pure-Elements solutions (any reason you need VC# for the other?) or use a non-project reference.


(Mateusz Gałązka) #32

If I had ASP .NET Core Web App project for elements - I want to make Web Api and run it on Linux.

(marc hoffman) #33

ASP.NET Core support will be coming soon, but is not ready yet. few more weeks, i’m afraid.