.NET Core templates?


(marc hoffman) #21

that said, i’d like to see a test case for this error. is that with. project reference between the two projects?

(Mateusz Gałązka) #22

Yes - Class Lib made in Water and changed to .NET Core 2.0. ASP .NET Core Web Application created in VS. Web App has a reference to Class Lib. I’ll try in Water

(Mateusz Gałązka) #23

I’ve opened solution in Water (with C# project WAS .NET Core Web Application) and I’ve got error

This project type is not supported by EBuild: WebApplication2.csproj

(Mateusz Gałązka) #24

Nothing happens when I create new ASP .NET Web Application - I hoped to change standard Webb App to .NET Core Web Ppp

(marc hoffman) #25

ah, see. i missed that one of the projects is vc#, for example. that probably won’t work for now that mixture. but i f you give me a testcase i can take a closer look.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #26

Of course I’ll give you test case :slight_smile: 10 minutes :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #27

No rush, I won’t get to it today.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #28

I understand, but my step will be ready :smiley:

NETCoreTestCase.zip (490.7 KB)

Have a nice day :slight_smile: you are starting, we have 1pm :wink:

(marc hoffman) #29

7:30 am :desert_island: time :wink:

(Mateusz Gałązka) #30

Any news with .NET Core? Thanks :slight_smile:

(marc hoffman) #31

No, busy week.

But note that even once I look at this, mixing Elements and Visual C# .NET Core projects (via project refs) won’t be supported for a while. I suggest you stuck to pure-Elements solutions (any reason you need VC# for the other?) or use a non-project reference.


(Mateusz Gałązka) #32

If I had ASP .NET Core Web App project for elements - I want to make Web Api and run it on Linux.

(marc hoffman) #33

ASP.NET Core support will be coming soon, but is not ready yet. few more weeks, i’m afraid.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #34

Hi, any news from ASP.NET Core for me?

(marc hoffman) #35

not yet, no. sorry.

(Theo) #36

Arw we talking about core 1 or 2?

(marc hoffman) #37

Either. We don’t currently have any templates for any of .NET Core. We did support building for .NET Core (any version), with some manual project adjustments (mainly, adjust references & set the Target Framework, see other threads for this), but we don’t et support runnning/debugging .NET Core from the IDE, nor do we support ASP.NET Core, specifically in any way.

All that’s on our list for the very near future, it’s just not quite there yet.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #38

Hi, any news from ASP .NET Core? We really need it, because we’ve made a decision to cancel windows subscription, move to trial Windows Server and by the end of trial move our WCF services to ASP .NET Core API to Linux machine :slight_smile: Can’t wait for your great work :slight_smile: and take some time to rewrite our service.

(marc hoffman) #39

This week’s beta (ie day after tomorrow) will have .NET Core tool chain improvements (and .NET Core debugging, on Windows at least). Next week’s will probably have templates, if all goes according to plan.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #40

Great info :slight_smile: Can’t wait for testing :slight_smile: