.NET Core templates?


(estechco) #1

Should I be able to see new project templates for .NET Core (under any/all of the RemObjects branches), in the way I do for Visual C#?

(marc hoffman) #2

.NET Core support is coming in v10, via EBuild. Please refer to the EBuild Beta forum for details.

(estechco) #3

Ok, great, thanks!

(Mateusz Gałązka) #4

Is it ready already in 10. I need ASP .NET WebApi for .NET Core template.

(marc hoffman) #5

We have basic support for building .NET .Core apps (not launching/debugging from the IDE yet) in Fire and Water, but no ASP.NET Core yet, and no templates.

To create a .NET Core project, simply change its TargetFramework setting from “.NETFrameworkXXX” to “.NETCoreXXX” (in Fire ow Water), eg:

(Mateusz Gałązka) #6

Using VS the same?

(JohnMoshakis) #7

Is there an expected timeline for this and general .net development in Fire ? I know you started working on it a while back. Some things have been left and I saw that the Target Framework now lets you pick from more versions.

I opened one of my solutions that had been created in visual studio in Fire and started updating references to nugets. It takes a bit of time because you cant browse and add directly from nuget. You also cant set the expected version.

It seems feasible because I was able to hit sql server with my data access code. This is with mono but I would really like to use .net core.

(marc hoffman) #8

.NET Core support is going to be our next focus area, so I hope we’ll be starting ti make progress on this over the next few weeks. Note that ther ear Eno current know issues/problems for general (non-Core) .NET development in Fire — if you are seeing issue or have any concerns in that area, please let me know. .NET Core is a known open wound, on the other hand.

I believe all issues that were reported have been addressed. If there’s any I missed, please let me know.

Yes, you can. know pick all “known” versions, the list is no longer driven by what’s found locally (the downside is we need to manually maintain it as new versions come, such as 4.8 and Core 3.0 now). Note that there preferred option when using EBuild is to just set no version, for regular .NET, as that will pick the most appropriate version available on the machine during build.

Hmm, curious. it looks like we lost the NuGet tab, in References Manager. will investigate and try to fix to tomorrow.

building against .NET Core should be fine. Running/debugging, not yet — there’s a lot we need to investigate, and we’ll probably need a new debug engine for it (or adjust the CLR one Water uses), since Fire currently uses our Mono debug engine, which is ties specifically to Mono’s debug APIs.

That’s all part of what we’ll start looking at now as we dive into Core support for good.

(marc hoffman) #9

Ah yes. Listing known references only works for packages in the local cache (in ~/.nuget), because the full list from the remote repositories is too unmanageable. I’ll need to implement searching/browsing the UI and API at some stage (but last I check that was a bitch to work with some deferred that :wink:

(marc hoffman) #10

Improved that for tomorrow’s build so that Fire will show at last all packages known from the local cache, as well as any that are in the project (whether known or not). Changing the version. number is also fixed, that code had been disabled in a regression as part of porting the dialog to cross-platform for Water.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #11


I’m trying to make new ASP.NET Web API project and use my existing Oxygene code. I want to run it under Linux. I’ve tried to make new class lib in Water and change it to .NET Core 2.0, but I can’t - there is no such option.

Could you please create and share to me new empty class lib for .NET Core 2.0 using Fire? Than I will try to use my existing code and run it on Linux :slight_smile:


(marc hoffman) #12

you don’t see the project option from my screenshot above, in Water?

in any case, will create and post a project for you in a bit…

(Mateusz Gałązka) #13

I can’t open dialog… I’m clicking in arrow or field but without effects :frowning:
Thank you Marc !!

(marc hoffman) #14

what build? that should have been fixed last week…

(Mateusz Gałązka) #15

the last one …

(marc hoffman) #16

CoreClassLibrary21.zip (12.6 KB)

Elements relationship to net core
(marc hoffman) #17

My bad. I knew I fixed it, but it seems that was after last Friday. Today’s build, out now, has the fix.

(Mateusz Gałązka) #18

Thank You…:slight_smile:

(Mateusz Gałązka) #19

There is a selecion i new Water - thanks, but there is the next problem

Project ‘…\RemObjects Software\Elements\Water\ClassLibrary3\ClassLibrary3.elements’ targets ‘.NETCore2.0’. It cannot be referenced by a project that targets ‘.NETCoreApp,Version=v2.0’. WebApplication2 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\MSBuild\15.0\Bin\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets 1656

Error from VS - any idea how to deal with it?

(marc hoffman) #20

you’ll need to convert the project to use EBuild to use it from VS. Or (better) use Water.