.Net Core Windows Forms App failed to build

I get this long error message when trying to compile the WinForms Core template
(Windows 10/64bit/german)

E: Processing resource file ‘D:\Flucke\CodeTranslator.Water\Test NetCore\WindowsApplication2\Main.resx’ failed with exception: Could not find the resource “System.Resources.NetStandard.SR.resources” among the resources “metadata.fx” embedded in the assembly “RemObjects.EBuild.Elements”, nor among the resources in any satellite assemblies for the specified culture. Perhaps the resources were embedded with an incorrect name…

WindowsApplication2 1.bugreport.txt (1.3 KB)
WindowsApplication2 1.bugreport.zip (67.2 KB)

Btw: why do you embed fx file info into a .net assembly, where we have metadada already there ?