.Net HttpApi server events

What kind of events for logging does the .Net HttpApi server have.

At the moment I only have server starting and stopped:

server.Starting += Server_Starting;
server.Stopped += Server_Stopped;

Are there events for when a request is coming in and when a response is sent back, etc?

// Thom


These events are triggered when a server itself is being started or stopped. Their intended use is to provide customization or setup points without need to override the NetworkServer class itself.

Server Channel used by the server app also exposes a number of events, f.e. AfterReceiveStream and BeforeSendStream

HttpAPI Dispatcher does not expose any additional events specific to it. Could you describe which exactly events / info do you need?

Hi Anton,

First of all, when a service method is called I would like to log the caller IP and the request URL (ex. “/api/login/validate”).

Is this possible?

// Thom

Thanks, logged as bugs://85045

Unfortunately no. I’ll log an issue to investigate if it is possible to provide this info without performance losses.

Sorry for the inconvenience