.NET Stream property as currency does not set type to currency


I have a code first remobjects server running on .NET.

When I create a ComplexType that holds a decimal value and add the attribute [RemObjects.SDK.StreamAs(RemObjects.SDK.StreamingFormat.Currency)] the RODL that is generated still says that the type is decimal instead of currency. So when connecting to this server it will use readDecimal instead of readCurrency.

I have created a small test server and application that shows this.
ConsoleAppCurrency.zip (438.2 KB)
ROServerCurrency.zip (711.0 KB)

Is there a way to let the RODL generate with the currency type?


Unfortunately Currency streaming format is not supported by .NET CodeFirst servers.
I’ll log corresponding issue.
Please drop a mail to support@ so we’ll provide you a download link once the fix is available.

Also you will be notified via this topic.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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Logged as bugs://D19236.