New class fields/properties does not show in CodeCompletion in referenced project

(Birger Buhl Dinesen) #1

Using Water build 2323.

I have a solution with one class library and one console app.

The console app has a project reference to the class library(used the drag-and-drop inside Water).

If I add a new public field or property to a public class in the class library, it does not show up in the code completion in the console app. Even if I try to build or rebuild it does not appear.
The build process works as it should, getting no errors.

The solution is: If I close and open the solution it is there correctly in the code completion.

(marc hoffman) #2

Curious. it definitely will need a rebuild to pick cup cross-project changes, but that part should work. Does the project reference show as resolved w/o error, in the IDE? when you select it, does it show the path to the right version of the .dll that its being compiled when you rebuild?

Can you send me a test case that sows this?