New class fields/properties does not show in CodeCompletion in referenced project

Using Water build 2323.

I have a solution with one class library and one console app.

The console app has a project reference to the class library(used the drag-and-drop inside Water).

If I add a new public field or property to a public class in the class library, it does not show up in the code completion in the console app. Even if I try to build or rebuild it does not appear.
The build process works as it should, getting no errors.

The solution is: If I close and open the solution it is there correctly in the code completion.

Curious. it definitely will need a rebuild to pick cup cross-project changes, but that part should work. Does the project reference show as resolved w/o error, in the IDE? when you select it, does it show the path to the right version of the .dll that its being compiled when you rebuild?

Can you send me a test case that sows this?

Hi Mark,

I have just experienced this again. Tried to Build and Rebuild but all that helps is to close solution and reopen.

Fairly simple to replicate: One Oxygene solution with one DLL Library project and one WinForms/EXE project.
WinForms projects references the DLL project with one class with some simple methods.
WinForms project calls the method from the DLL project.
Build and make sure it compiles.

Add another method to the DLL project. Build/Rebuild the solution and the new method is not available in the code completion popup.
However the compilation works as expected - no errors. Just the code completion.
If I close and open the project it works.
So maybe something is cached in Water?

Thanx, I’ll try and reproduce this. Water should detect when the referenced .dll changes on disk, and reload the metadata.

Thanks, logged as bugs://81861

bugs://81861 got closed with status fixed.