Newbie on relativity server

Im starting to evaluate Realitivity server as an easy way to migrate my actual app to Linux (ARM/i386/x64) because now my app have data servcies and other services. I plan to separate functions and use for data services only relativity, seems rock solid.

Several questions cant find in docs.

  1. Run on all the linux plattforms mentioned (ARM/i386/x64) device using mono?
  2. See the config is by hand. I have several schemas. Anyway to save that config to a file and deploy in a easier way?
  3. Wich is the better way to login to relativity reusing my actual table of users in db?
  4. As i undesrtand, services methods not related to data must be provided for another app. Or is possible to plugin services inside relativity? if is possible i assuming only in .NET, rigth?
  5. Is compatible with any plattform client of DA? Delphi (MOBILE/LINUX/NATIVE) , NET?
  6. A little off topic but related. On AWS + RELATIVITY + POSTGRESSQL, the configuration to have redundancy is automatic or must have some special considerations?

Thanks for the info.
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As long as the target platform has Mono implementation it can run Relativity Server. However it is better to test it on a real environment because some 3rd part ADO.NET drivers that Relativity uses theoretically can have issues on ARM.
Still if you remember this old thread Relativity Server on a Raspberry Pi Relativity was successfully used on ARM.

Well, since the config is just a set of files it can be copied over to a new host. Also there are some APi methods to export/import server configuration.

Relativity provides a DbLoginProvider that can use a database table as user storage. It is rather primitive (f.e. passwords are stored as plain text). We have some plans to improve it and to provide plugin support, yet no ETA here

Currently only data methods are provided. Again, there are plans for plugin support, yet no ETA here too.

Sure it is. Also JS is supported as a client platform too.

Relativity can use DynamoDB to store sessions shared between instances. If your app can handle occasional relogin requests (when it is switched to another instance) you can even use the in-memory session manager w/o any additional setting.
Also you probably will need a reserve proxy that will serve as a gateway relaying requests to several Relativity instances.

PS As you will probably ask this anyway - yes, we were thinking about Relativity in Docker. That said, it should just work as is, but I won’t be able to provide stap-by-step instructions on setting up Docker (still have to learn this)

I cant find how to invoke the method from code in delphi. Missing the intf file.


(svcLoginService as LoginService).Login();

Where is the relativity service intf?

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you can use usual DataAbstract4_Intf.pas.
see LoginEx method:

  IBaseLoginService = interface(IROService)
    function LoginEx(const aLoginString: ROUTF8String): Boolean;
    procedure Logout;
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