No Change Log for Stable release branch on RO Portal


Looking at my product downloads, I see that Preview and Experimental downloads have a change log link.

The Stable branch does not - how can I find out what changed in the latest stable version ?


What product? Elements has a change log for Stable. for RO and DA 9.x and below, the change logs are in the usual old location, at, despite 9.7 also showing as stable release in the channel downloads for now.

Hi marc,

So sorry; I was looking at SDK and DataAbstract via the customer portal, which is where I couldn’t seem find any link to change logs for Stable v9.7:

Thanks for the /changelogs link. It would be nice to have a direct route to the individual product change logs from the portal so we didn’t have to remember a different URL.

Thanks again,


Yeah, this is a migrational problem that disappears once v10 makes it to the Stable channel in a week or two…

Ah okay. No probs.

Thanks again marc.

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