No iOS SDK version was found that is supported by the selected Xcode 9.2 and local .fx files

(hamberg) #1

Hello Support,

I am starting my first fire with remobject c# project on my macbook pro running Xcode Version is 9.2 (9C40b), macOS Version is 10.13.3 (17D47).

I did a simple ios template project to get something running. When I build I get the error:No iOS SDK version was found that is supported by the selected Xcode 9.2 and local .fx files. The irony is I am running xcode 9.2. My macbook also has the visual studio 17 with Xamarin on it as well. What do I need to correct to get the basic template running? Do I need to load a rem sdk that will fix this?



(marc hoffman) #2

you need to upgrade your xcode to 10.x or download the sdk files supporting the older ios version from i recommend the former, because iirc Apple no longer accepts app store submissions build with older sdks.

very little irony there, as xcode 9.2 is a year old and very outdated :wink:

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Thanks Marc,

I did a backup and then I tried upgrading to 10.13.16 from 10.13.3. and it fails. I have tried every trick / article to get it to go but its not taking that upgrade so I am going to do the older sdk. Our app is sideloaded and not through the app store so it wont affect us. My 2011 i7 MacBook pro has been great but I am going to have to get a new one only because its not going to be able to upgrade to the next os anyways. Its ruff being outdated!

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K, what you’ll want to do is grab the latest Xcode you can run on 10.13 (probably 9.2?), see what version of iOS that supports (probably 11.2 or 11.3?) and then grab the proper zip for it from

Download and extract it to a folder of your choice and specify the path in Fire Preferences here:

The path you put in should have the “iOS 11.x” and “iOS 11.x Simulator” subfolders underneath it.

You should be good to go then.

(hamberg) #5

Thanks you Marc,

That got me going. It turned out that 11.2 ios is what xcode 9.2 can do. Now I can start my journey in this new programming environment!


(marc hoffman) #6


excellent, glad to hear!