No UWP support in VS Studio 2017 Community?

(Bob Schnatterly) #1

After a 3 month delay, I am finally ready to start using Oxygene! But I have installed the latest and greatest updates/patches for VS Studio 2017 Community Edition and Oxygene ( and when I go to create a new project, I don’t see a template for UWP apps (under Oxygene). I know this integration used to be in Visual Studio because there are people in these forums who have or had it. What gives? Is there some configuration change I need to make? I saw during the Oxygene installation that VS 2017 integration was “experimental”. Is this going to be finalized soon? Any chance of my seeing these UWP template(s) any time soon?


(marc hoffman) #2


sorry for the delayed response.

I believe you must have VS install the WWP support first. you can do that by going to one of the Visual C# templates for it, which should also not show, but should offer you an option n to install the support, instead…

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Ok, I’m lost. What’s WWP? I went into the standard Visual C# node and created a blank UWP app. It just created the usual blank project with a welcome screen to help me get started. It didn’t prompt me to install anything else, nor did I see any option to install anything for “WWP” or “RemObjects” or “Oxygene”.

What am I missing here?

I am new to Visual Studio (except for running through those Microsoft Academy UWP C# lessons), so I’m gonna need some hand-holding here.


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I’m assuming you meant UWP, but the support was already there for that. I just installed a new update for VS and restarted it. No change…

(George McLaughlin) #5

UWP templates available on Microsoft c#, VB etc, but available for remobjects Oxygene or hydrogene here with VS2017.


(Bob Schnatterly) #6

Sorry, what? I don’t mean to be rude, but this doesn’t further the conversation at all…

(marc hoffman) #7

Yes, sorry for the typo, i meant UWP.

Hmm, then the support is installed ok, yes. This is strange. The only reason i’d expect for Oxygene to not have the templates would be if you installed Oxygene before the UWP support somehow got added to VS (if that’s the case, re-running the Elements installer should address that).

If that’s not the case something must be going wrong with how the installer tries to detect UWP, i’ll need to ask a colleague who is more involved with that to get back to you to investigate further (maybe they can remotely connect to your PC via team Viewer to have a look, at some time)?


(Bob Schnatterly) #8

The UWP support was in VS a long time before I installed Oxygene. When I first discovered the problem, I went into the VS Installer and “repaired” the installation, then reinstalled the latest version of Oxygene. Still no go. I’m not keen on letting anyone dial into my computer (no offense). I have to admit I’m not very happy with this product right now. Aside from this issue, the documentation is incomplete (there are several sections that are apparently works-in-progress) and it sorely needs a “How to get started” section (the parts of an application, how the main window is instantiated, etc), and while several of the demos are impressive, there aren’t that many, and they don’t appear to be documented at all, either internally or externally! I have 20 years of experience with Delphi (and C) Win32 client/server application development, so I’m no dummy, but, in a nutshell, I don’t know where to start with this product. Is there an on-line how-to course (either on the main site or in the forums)? I probably haven’t spent much time on either site, but a nudge to get me started would be appreciated. I hope I didn’t waste my money… (By the way, lack of UWP support would be disappointing, but not necessarily a show-stopper.)

(marc hoffman) #9

Ok, maybe my colleague will; have some other ideas and can run too thru some checks. TV would just be the fastest way to check some things (and you’d have control and see every mouse movement made). This is not a know issue or one that reproduces here for us — if UWP tools are installed, our installer deploys the Oxygene templates for UWP fine, here :frowning:

That said, as mentioned before, Visual Studio 2017 support is experimental. Use VS2015 for a solid experience.

Yes we’re working on that, my apologies.

There are a few tutorials at, and i also recommend checking out, coming from Delphi.

A lot of the questions (“how to instantiate forms”, etc) really are platform specific topics, and the best place for those would be the platform API docs — e.g. you will need to read up on WPF or WinForms on Microsoft’s site, AppKit in Apple’s docs, etc. Oxygene is just a compiler/language for existing platforms (unlike Delphi, which had its on abstractions on top of Win32), so it’s a very different approach. We’re not documenting the platform APIs — that’s done why the platform vendors.

i hope that makes sense?


(Bob Schnatterly) #10

Thanks. As for a “How to get started”, I think I’d be happy if you just documented the samples! I’ll take a look at the links you provided. I’m not sure I want to install VS 2015 now that I have 2017 installed - I’ll have to give that some thought. I might just play with the WPF side of Oxygene and hope the UWP stuff comes along sooner rather than later…

(Friedrich Westermann) #11

After reading these Thread I have tested on my Machine…
VS2015 is working with Templates
VS2017 not, updated today, created a C# UWP, reinstalled Elements 9.3 RTM , restart VS2017, no templates there


You can do a TV on may machine if it helps (tomorrow) now I going to sleep :wink:

(marc hoffman) #12

Cool, thanx!

(joseasl) #13

Same here. VS2017, build
Visual C# has UWP templates. Oxygene doesn’t.
In VS2015 both have UWP templates.

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(ekaterina) #15

Hello, guys.
Yes, UWP projects are just not available in VS2017 yet, it’s supported in VS 2015 only. Work on support of the Universal platform in VS 2017 is underway now and templates will be included soon. Not in todays alpha yet, but in the near future, I’ll let you know when this will be fixed. Sorry for inconvenience!

(mtiede) #16


You COULD just create a C# project that is UWP. Then add another Oxygene project that contains your Viewmodel. Then hook up the viewmodel to your XAML in the C# project. Just use the C# project to edit your XAML.

I’m just starting to look at UWP myself so I could be wrong, but it might be a way to proceed.

If you aren’t familiar with the Model View ViewModel pattern (MVVM), I’d suggest reading about it on the web. Silverlight started using MVVM first as far as I know, so you might see some Silverlight projects as examples, but the pattern is the same.

(mtiede) #17

Are these templates for UWP in VS 2017 supposed to be available yet? I don’t see them.

(ekaterina) #18

Hello. Work on the UWP support is under progress now, templates and projects had been available since last reply, but now hidden again because of VS 2017 updates. I hope we’ll include templates in one of nearest releases.

(mtiede) #19

Ok, will look forward to it