NoSQL type databases such as MongoDB or Couchbase?

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Is there support for NoSql databases such as MongoDB or Couchbase?

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No, we have no NoSQL support atm.


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Is there any plans for NoSQL being added to DataAbstracts or Relativity?

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What would be the use scenario for Data Abstract where NoSQL will have advantage over conventional relational DB ?

NoSQL implies that there is no strict scheme is used by data contained in the DB + there is no unified query language used by different DB’s. At the same time Data Abstract operates data that has strict schema.

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The mobile sync is the advantage. I am storing my data (records) as Json in couchbase so I can use their mobile sync which is pretty awesome as to how it just works. So I would want to keep my data in the same container instead of having both sql and a noSql database. In my case I am looking at moving our system to couchbase but it has a limit of 20 mb per attachment. So I will need to store larger attachments as pointers and then put the file on the file system. I can easily move the files using the remobjects remoting sdk but it would be nice to use dataabstracts to it all.

Howie Amberg

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The biggest issue here is that essentially support of all that zoo of NoSql databases would take enormous efforts (f.e. there is even no common query API, so each NoSql database would require its own query processor) for a very limited result - the main advantage of the NoSql approach will be lost in transition

IMHO the best approach would be to create a facade over the NoSQL db using Remoting SDK (possibly even using HttpAPI so client libraries won’t be required client-side)

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Thank you Antonk, I am going to try and switch to using a briefcase with relativity and then using the pointers and the remoting SDK to push and pull the files. I understand that the NoSQL is an issue because they all have different standards and that is a real issue. I like that technology but my Rem is the plumbing in my system and I don’t want to pull that out as it works very well already.