NuGet references from referenced assemblies not copied to output

This used to work (I think).

Quite simple setup: One .NET solution with
a) Console App EXE
b) Class Library Assembly DLL (references external NuGet packages)

NuGet reference in project b:

<NuGetReference Include="FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient:*">

Project a references project b.

The FireBird DLL is referenced implicitly/indirectly in project a (through project b reference).

The problem now is that the FireBird DLL is no longer copied to the output folder of project a. As it used to.

So, now I have to reference the NuGet package as well directly from project a.

Using Water .2459 and .2961

Is this a project reference? is the project ref and the NuGet reference set to CopyLocal? If so, that should work, I’d appreciate a testcase oof you have one.

Reproduces, something is going wrong here. I’ll investigate.

Yep, I know whats going on; this will need a more elaborate fix tomorrow. Workaround for now: add the NuGtet reference to the other project explicitly, and it compile ok. My apologies.

Thanks, logged as bugs://83641

Good to hear :wink: Thx

bugs://83641 got closed with status fixed.

Fixed, I’ll send you a new build when one is done.