Null reference building ios project

With the latest I get this, it just seems to be ios projects

E: Fatal Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
D: |   at RemObjects.Elements.RTL.Dictionary`2[T,U].get_Item__$mapped__ (System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[TKey,TValue] self, T aKey) [0x00018] in <1b549ae5fa264816a6a0c7b7b390613a>:0 
D: |   at RemObjects.EBuild.GitHelpers.GitCheckOut (RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildContext aContext, System.String aUrl, System.String aBaseFolder, System.String aBranch, System.String& aName, System.String& aSubFolder, System.Boolean aForcePull, System.Boolean aLFS) [0x00127] in <75098b546c544c10bda9f24ff7ea3cb4>:0 
D: |   at RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildSolution.CreateDependeciesFromPackageReferences (RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildProject aProject) [0x00109] in <75098b546c544c10bda9f24ff7ea3cb4>:0 
D: |   at RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildSolution.CreateDependeciesFromPackageReferences (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] aProjects) [0x00027] in <75098b546c544c10bda9f24ff7ea3cb4>:0 
D: |   at RemObjects.EBuild.EBuildSolution.CalculateBuildOrder (System.Collections.Generic.List`1[T] aProjects) [0x000e2] in <75098b546c544c10bda9f24ff7ea3cb4>:0 
D: |   at RemObjects.EBuild.CommandLine.RunWithParameters____HostMode (RemObjects.Elements.RTL.SimpleCommandLineParser aParameters, System.Boolean aHostMode) [0x01b1e] in <f5cff8127a9849858980886ef060f43f>:0 


Creating an emptyproject and then adding a remote reference reproduces the issue
Like this. (370.3 KB)

Wow. reproduced, but I have no idea what’s going wrong here (or what changed). somehow it NREs reading a non-n il dictionary with a non-nil key.

Logged as bugs://E25769.

I think this one is fixed, as least in the latest preview.

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bugs://E25769 was closed as fixed.