Official support for uno platfor from hydrogen c#

Can remobjects oficially support platform uno, may be by a fork ?

I think that winui + c# hydrogen to java bytecode will be a killer on android performance

I think if remobjects embraces uno platform and permits that uno framework compile with remobject c# and removing the xamarin.ios and calls from uno framework because remobject already call native api, then remobject will be a killer development environment because we get a full multiplatform framework without the costs of xamarin marshaling/interop from c# to java in android and from c# to native cocoa in ios.

I also put a issue in uno github sugesting this - but they closed. May be remobjcts can write some coments in github issue.



They clearly don’t see m interested in working with us… I reached out to them earlier in the year, and it never went anywhere.