Official support for uno platfor from hydrogen c#

Can remobjects oficially support platform uno, may be by a fork ?

I think that winui + c# hydrogen to java bytecode will be a killer on android performance

I think if remobjects embraces uno platform and permits that uno framework compile with remobject c# and removing the xamarin.ios and calls from uno framework because remobject already call native api, then remobject will be a killer development environment because we get a full multiplatform framework without the costs of xamarin marshaling/interop from c# to java in android and from c# to native cocoa in ios.

I also put a issue in uno github sugesting this - but they closed. May be remobjcts can write some coments in github issue.



They clearly don’t see m interested in working with us… I reached out to them earlier in the year, and it never went anywhere.

I also think that a cross platform UI framework (such as flutter/MAUI) + .net 6 framework on each platform (personally I think it’s best BCL framework) + the ability to call platform specific API/3rd library without the need to make binding is something many develper wants.

Maybe just my opinion, I dont’t care much about the app size increase, slight performance decrease, and I think UI like flutter can already provide very good UI, and MAUI even has the ability to have native UI.

I also looks at Kotlin KMM, the expect/actual design looks very similar to Remobjects’s map class, looks like the main differenct for their cross platfrom solution is that, Kotlin KMM can not target .net, so can’t do things like writing .net application, Blazor.

If one day Uno/MAUI/Avalonia combine the power of Remobjects, and no longer need to make 3rd library binding, it will definitely be a very good cross platform solution.

I am developing in UNO and making apps that works identically on windows, web, Android, Linux, Mac and iPhone iOS.

They are great, funcional, and performance is acceptable.


If remobjects can compile Uno in islands for each platform, the cost of interop will disappear and Uno will be the faster cross-platform solution for developers.