Old DelhiVCL Sample doesn't work but crashes Water on win32 (.2867)

Sample 1.bugreport.txt (3.0 KB)
Sample 1.bugreport.zip (3.4 MB)

While trying to run this older sample on win32 Water crashes (vanishes) after a few seconds after showing a NRE message.

Can we see thew NRE message and call stack?

To be more specific: Water crashes (only) on Win32 (Windows 10)

That’s not a crash of water, though, that an exception ion the app?

We cannot reproduce a crash for Water for this (but w edna repro the sample not working and will have a look). Can you see if this persists for you with the latest version?

I could send you a video if this would help.
I have only access to the trial downloads.

That’d be appreciated.

I have uploaded our latest internal build (even newer that Friday’s :wink: to your personal downloads folder.


Hi Marc, thank you.
Unfortunately there wasn’t the Delphi.fx and DelphiVCL.fx files included in this build.
So i merged them from .2867 into the reference folder.
Water dosn’t crash/vanish any more :slight_smile:
(The Exception remains of course)
So i think there’s no need to upload the video ans more.

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Ah yes, my apologies. We dont build/shop all libraries for interim builds, for build speed/size reasons.