Olympia / Event(Callbacks)

This behavior happens using anydatabase for olympia or inmemory.

We have our session expiring in 30 minutes, to keep the client alive, we have a function to just ping the server (it does nothing) every 25 minutes, this works for the main connection, however, the events stop working after 30 minutes and all callbacks just stop working - we checked the lastacessed info in the session and seems to be working just fine

Our working around

We registered the callback again every 25 minutes in our “ping” function

RegisterEventClient(GUIDToString(OurCustomSession.SessionID), ‘’);

This is a new behavior and seems to be a bug, my question is, this is the right way to keep the callbacks alive or is a bug, looks like olympia is checking the wrong field to check the session is alive when sending events


This behavior happens dosent matter the expire time we use, to do our tests we use 10 seconds, sometimes it dosent happens just after 10 seconds but a few seconds later the callback will stop


before olympia we used a regular sessionmanager in memory (Delphi 10.3) - still in delphi 10.3

Logged as bugs://D19294.


As I understand, this behavior is reproduced with using any pair like

  • TROInMemorySessionManager/ TROInMemoryEventRepository
  • TROOlympiaSessionManager/TROOlympiaEventRepository


Can you create a simple testcase that reproduced this behavior, pls?
you can drop email to support@ for keeping privacy.

We only saw this behavior using TROOlympiaSessionManager/TROOlympiaEventRepository

i will provide a simple testcase

Sample attached.
Remeber to use the .json attached

Sample.rar (2.4 MB)


I can reproduce issue.
Investigating …

bugs://D19294 was closed as fixed.