Olympia in-memory configuration


(Ryan Jantz) #1

I am trying to use the ROOlympiaServer.exe as a service using only in-memory session management but after I change the false to true in the following section I get the error below.
<setting name="InMemoryMode" serializeAs="String">

The title of the message box is “RemObjects SDK Olympia Server”.
The error is : Exception occurred: Cannot parse connection parameters: Data Source=:memory:;Version=3;New=True;Synchronous=Off;

This error occurs if I set it in the config file as above or try to use the switch and start it from the command line.

I am using version

(RemObjects) #2

Thanks, logged as bugs://78453

(RemObjects) #3

bugs://78453 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #4


Thank you for the report. The fix will be available in the next beta

Sorry for the inconvenience

(Ryan Jantz) #5

Olympia now starts with version but I have not been able to get Olympia to actually store and retrieve the sessions in memory.

(antonk) #6


What exactly desn’t work for you?

(Ryan Jantz) #7

I have been trying to set an instance of TROOlympiaSessionManager.Active to true but it always throws an exception of: Project w3wp.exe raised exception class EROSuperChannelException with message ‘No connection available’.

If I don’t set it to active but continue on I get these messages:
Project w3wp.exe raised exception class SessionNotFoundException with message ‘Session {sessionID} could not be found’.
and then:
Project w3wp.exe raised exception class EROSesssionExpired with message ‘Session {sessionID} is expired’.

I have verified that the sessionID is the same on both exceptions.

I am using using a custom session that adds three properties, two of boolean and one of Longint.

I have installed the Olympia server as a service and verified it is running.

Also why is a custom session created for almost every request coming in?

What am I missing?

(antonk) #8


Please check that the Windows account used to run Olympia as a service provides network access. Also please try to run Olympia as a Windows app to see if the access issues are still present.

Then please try in action the ‘Session Types’ sample to see if it can access the Olympia session manager.
If it can access the state server then there is some issue with the code you implemented. If it can’t access the Olympia state server then there is something wrong with permissions.

It there is a possibility that something is overlooked in your code then please send us a testcase app to support@ so we’ll investigate the issue locally.

Thanks in advance

(Ryan Jantz) #9

The Session Types sample worked in database mode but not in the in-memory mode. I got the same session expired exception when operating from the in-memory mode.

When I am running in-memory mode I can login using any user from the list but when I click the Get Session Manager Name button or try to set a value it throws the session expired exception. In the Olympia.exe window the client count shows 1 and the session count is 0. The server utility show a successful login but nothing more.

What permission would be missing?

Just for testing purposes I used a TROInMemorySessionManager instead of Olympia and that performs as expected. However the session management must be out-of-process.
I have attached a log file from our project that shows the difference between a regular TROInMemorySessionManager and a TROOlympiaSessionManager with Olympia running in external database mode. My question is why is a session being created for almost every request coming in (as seen by the log entry “WebModuleBeforeDispatch”)?

Log.txt (8.3 KB)

(antonk) #11

Well, this looks like a bug. We’ll need to investigate it more.

(RemObjects) #12

Thanks, logged as bugs://78521

(RemObjects) #13

bugs://78521 got closed with status fixed.

(antonk) #14

Thank you for the report. Fixed Olympia verison will be available in the next Beta build. The change affects in-memory mode only.