On client side get ServerName from Server in runtime

How can I get the servername list from server in runtime?


Can you give more information: what ServerName list you want to have? can you give some example?

in design-time, you can see list of RO service names in TRORemoteService.ServiceName property.

On the same server application I have, for example, 5 TRODataSnapModules with the interface names:
1 - SrvMega.DM_Mega2000_Server
2 - SrvMega.DM_Agente_Server
3 - SrvMega.DM_Seguranca_Server
4 - SrvMega.DM_Config_Server
5 - SrvMega.DM_Global_Server

In runtime, I want to get de 5 names on client side to show for user.


you can return this list via custom RO service method.

the easiest way is add this method into separated ROService.

more complicated way is declare your datasnap service as Code-First service and add method to it.
see example in RO DataSnap Server questions topic