OnException, OnConnected, error

Hi guys,

Latest RO with latest Delphi.

If I use the RO Transport component/class and I get an exception, I can capture the exception on the OnException event all good.

I put a wrapper around the Transport so I can include an interface and also add some other properties that I needed, I also re-exposed the OnException TNotify event and Im simply assigning the underlying property to the wrapper.

Everything works well when an exception happens it executes the wrapper OnException TNotify, but I’m having an issue that when the program ends and I check the memory leaks I have the same amount of exceptions the program produced as memory leaks for example:

Unexpected Memory Leak

An unexpected memory leak has occurred. The unexpected small block leaks are:

41 - 56 bytes: EROSuperChannelException x 2
57 - 72 bytes: UnicodeString x 1
137 - 152 bytes: UnicodeString x 1


Am I missing something that I should consider for this exceptions to be free properly by RO?

Thank you in advance.


Can you create a simple testcase, that reproduces this, pls?
I don’t see that EROSuperChannelException can be leaked - it always is present as raise EROSuperChannelException: