"Only a single elements project allowed"


(EugeneMayevski) #1

Just tried to build our projects, previously compiled with Oxygene 8.2, using new Elements 9.0.
Got this message: “Only a single elements project allowed when compiling in project mode” on this command line:

“C:\Borland\Oxygene9\Bin\Elements.exe” “C:\Projects\SecureBlackbox\Redist\NET\Packages\SecureBlackBox.Base_NET20.oxygene” /rebuild “/frameworkfolder:C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727” “/config:Release NET 2.0”

Could you, please, tell us, what exactly the compiler doesn’t like?

(Carlo Kok) #2

Can you try with --frameworkfolder (and --config) isntead of /frameworkfolder?

(marc hoffman) #3


WTF? :wink:

(EugeneMayevski) #4

Marc, are you confused with “Borland” name or the product name? We’ve been placing Chrome there historically. And Embarcadero stuff goes there as well. I have plenty of other things to do besides playing with tons of scripts (and that compilation stuff in general).

Carlo, unfortunately, no change with this command line:

“C:\Borland\Oxygene9\Bin\Elements.exe” “C:\Projects\SecureBlackbox\Redist\NET\Packages\SecureBlackBox.Base_NET20.chrome” /rebuild “–frameworkfolder:C:
\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727” “–config:Release NET 2.0” 1>>compile.log

Please, ignore .chrome extension - the file has the same format as your sample project files (also, I have commented out platform tag and updated cputype tag in the project before posting the initial question)

(Carlo Kok) #5

Eugene: --rebuild too

(EugeneMayevski) #6

Thank you, that worked. Though the compiler could give friendlier messages if it detects parameters with slashes. And what would be the reason to disable them on Windows?

(marc hoffman) #7

Parameters with slashes are filenames :wink:

(EugeneMayevski) #8

Marc, on which OS? If one runs the compiler on Windows, they would expect the common Windows convention.

(mtiede) #9


And that convention is “” for filenames and “/” for parameters.

(marc hoffman) #10

Little known fact, but actually both / and \ are valid path separators on Windows.

(RemObjects) #11

Thanks, logged as bugs://77436

(EugeneMayevski) #12

Mark, I don’t want to sound rude, but …
The problem of most pure technical persons is that they underestimate the human factor. The tradition is to use / in Windows (for parameters, not for paths), and you can’t beat the tradition. You can make the life of your users a bit harder, indeed, but that won’t convince them that changing their habits is worth the effort.
Generations of software vendors declare features as “obsolete” first, then make breaking changes (at least, wherever possible). Only Apple does otherwise, and it’s widely recognized as being disrespectful to developers (partly due to above described behavior).

(Carlo Kok) #13

Yeah marc already logged this as an issue, we’re looking into it. It was actually an oversight when I rewrote the command line utility.

(marc hoffman) #14

EBuild.exe is already fixed, fwiw.

(EugeneMayevski) #15

Thank you. It’s great to have such responsive vendor (no kidding).