Option suggestion

(jeremy) #1

For fire and water. It would be nice if there was an opposite of the “show debug pane when there’s output”, i.e. “auto hide debug pane”.

Every time I finish testing something, I have to manually hide the debug pane before I carry on coding. The current options are to keep it small so you can leave it there, or just know the keyboard shortcut.

It’s almost like we could use the multiple layouts that Delphi has, including one for debugging, but I don’t think we need to go that far.

(marc hoffman) #2

Good idea, yes. the problem s, for console projects (the most likely to generate output ;), you’d then only see it flash up for a second, and its gone before you can look at the result. Or you’d have to keep toggling the option, depending on project kind… But I can see how this could be useful, so I’ll look at adding that.

FWIW, I already recently fixed that when you manually close there pane after input came in, it won’t automatically reopen (for that debug session).

(jeremy) #3

What % of projects are console ones though? Sure, for you guys for checking stuff out it’s simple but I can’t even remember the last time I did one even for a quick test. I’d say it was OK to flip the option when needed since you can not use it if you are a console project person.

Is there a better option for debugging? I always loved Codesite (still use it) and the console works for these projects, but it would be nice to have a way for real project too, now I think about it, didn’t RemObjects used to have a .NET DA server project which did this so I can run the exe on a server and test it by seeing real debug output?

(marc hoffman) #4

For me? 90% :wink:

We used to have DebugServer, but that was a long time ago, and Windows only. I always liked having it (and the concept of CodeSite), but bot sure if we wanna get into that market again. Leave it as a third party opportunity…

For me, personally, I happily just use writeLn() or NSLog() for my debug logging needs… In fact, I use it. more than “real” debugging (ie breakpoints/stepping/etc) and I woke for like 2 years on Fire in Fire before it had real debugging support, just using log messages ;).

(marc hoffman) #5

Done :wink:

(jeremy) #6

Yeah, I get that. For me, 0.09%.

Understood, and yes those are great for my needs too, mostly, it’s just if I install (say) my DA Server on an actual server for testing, it would be nice to be able to check log outputs sometimes without having to do something bespoke. I guess I could just install water, and run it that way, but that’s not ideal…

(marc hoffman) #7

We do have plans to add some distributed log collection system to DA and Relativity at some stage. Nothing concrete yet.

you can even xcopy-deploy it — just copy Water.exe and all (most, you can skip .VisualStudio..dll etc) .dlls from the Bin folder, and you’ll be good to use it. Very unobtrusive.

(jeremy) #8

Cool, and deploying it isn’t the thing, it’s more that I’m not testing a production build per say, though I would do this if I needed to. At least I can, unlike if I wanted to do that with another IDE I once liked, which would be a PITA to attempt :wink: