Optional parameters in HttpApi

Can I use optional parameters in HttpApiPath, for example by prepending them with a ‘*’?

[ApiMethod(HttpApiPath = “workpackages/{client_id}/{*project}”, HttpApiMethod = ApiRequestMethod.Get, HttpApiResult = HttpStatusCode.OK)]
public Binary GetWorkpackage(string client_id, string project, [ApiQueryParameter] bool attributes)
if(project != null)

return null;


according to HttpAPI documentation:

By default, OpenAPI treats all request parameters as optional. You can add required: true to mark a parameter as required. Note that path parameters must have required: true, because they are always required.

        - in: path
          name: userId
            type: integer
          required: true    # <----------
          description: Numeric ID of the user to get.

so you can’t have optional path parameters

ok, understood