Overloaded methods in Water


I get that in Oxygene all methods are overloaded by default… which is super nice btw.

In the example below SQLiteQueryResult.GetString can be integer or string but only the Integer method comes up when I click Ctrl D. Is this correct ?

I would of thought both would display like this:

method GetString( AIndex: Integer): String;
method GetString( AName: String): String;

Am I missing something?

Ctrl+D is “Peek at Definition”, and right now, it will always show a/the single definition for the token at hand. I realize that might be sub-optimal for “ambiguous” definitions, such as an overload method; I’ll see what we can do here.

Note that Ctrl+P (“Show Call Parameters”) inside the parenthesis will show the parameters for all overloads.

Thanks, logged as bugs://82696

Yes, Ctrl P works fine… it needs to be right next to the ( to work so missed that. Be good if it was a bit more intuitive or less sensitive. If Ctrl D showed the options would be a good solution (when on GetString )

Flicking back to Delphi is odd now as I keep clicking Ctrl D and it wants to format the file !!!


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bugs://82696 got closed with status fixed.

bugs://82696 got reopened.

bugs://82696 got closed with status fixed.