Oxygene calling C library


(Paul Dardeau) #1

Are there any tutorials or documentation that teaches how to interface oxygene with C code?The primary scenario of interest to me would be where I’m using oxygene on linux but need to integrate with C code.

(Carlo Kok) #2

Which platform are you using?

(Paul Dardeau) #3

I’m just evaluating Fire/Oxygene at the moment. It’s just a general question as part of my evaluation. Most likely I would want to do this on Linux.

I’m wondering what I would need to do if I ran into a situation where some functionality I needed wasn’t readily available, and I needed to interface with existing C code.


(Carlo Kok) #4

The reason I’m asking about the platform is because on Linux, we support 3 different platforms:

  • .NET (via mono and coreclr)
  • Java
  • Island

The way to interact with C code is different for all 3.

For .NET you can place it in a shared object (.so) and use PInvoke to call that object.

For Java you can use JNI or a shared object with JNA

For Island you can import the C headers and link it in, call it directly.