Oxygene fails to recognize "record helper for"

We share code between Delphi and Oxygene and use the following code.

AccessRightFlags = ( NoAccess = 0 ,
NormalRead = 1,
ReadWrite = 2);

AccessRight = set of AccessRightFlags;

AccessRightHelper = record helper for AccessRight // error here --> (E709) Delphi compatibility should be on for this language element

class function NoAccess: AccessRight; static; 

We tried to do project setting Delphi compatible and file by file.
Previous version(RemObjects Elements with Water - not giving any error.

How we could use same delphi code in Oxygene.
If require any please let us know.

Thanks you!

Hmm, yes, it seems this fails with Delphi Compatibility turned on, but works when its off. that’s a bug.

Thanks, logged as bugs://84420

bugs://84420 got closed with status fixed.