Oxygene for Java - Reference to jar file problem

Ok. Now i m porting my little console app to Java platform.

I m try to use Sugar, so i m adding reference to it via References - Add reference - Browse - select RemObjects.Oxygene.Sugar.jar.

So, i have added refrerence with path to Sugar release folder!

But after compile path to jar is reset! so i have error on compile: (JE20) Could not load referenced Java archive “X:\EfxWare\Projects\PascalTest\JavaTest\RemObjects.Oxygene.Sugar.jar”: Invalid reference

Defenitely, its not here, its in Sugar/Release folder! Why path is resetted?

P.S. Setting Copy Local does not help!

so the path to the jar stored in the inside the project gets lost, after you build?

Yes! Exactly

Logged as “59919: Bad path in cooper .jar import” for further investigation.