Oxygene TargetFramework specified in import .targets file

we user the Elements v 11 within the Visual Studio for more than a year already. Mostly without significant problems. But now, im experimenting with the Visual Studio 2022 only installed (without 2019 at the same machine)

Im having an issue, where the VS 2022 tells me that .net framework v 4.0 is not installed (which is true but i dont need id) and doesn’t allow me to load the elements. project:

The issue is caused by the <TargetFramework>.NETFramework4.6</TargetFramework> which we have in a separate targets file and imported it into main project .elements file. Normally the TargetFrameowrk prop is presented at the main file.

The Import appears to be correctly managed during the build, but incorrectly at the Visual Studio Solution load.This forces our developers to have a VS 2019 (delivers the netframework 4.0) installed along with the VS 2022.

We use the imports because is much eaiser to switch the target framework when it is declared only in one file instead of hundreds…

Using Elements The DEMO is here: ClassLibrary1.zip (15.8 KB)

Could you make that work for us ?

Thanks for your reply.

Probabry related to the topic .Net Framework 4.0 required to open RTL2 Island projects - Elements / Elements Beta - RemObjects Talk

I believe this should be fixed for today’s build, if not already for last week’s.

Thanks, i’ll wait for some resolution of this report Visual Studio 2022 Slow and unresponsive since .2812 - Elements / Elements Beta - RemObjects Talk and try it again. The VS performance is a bigger deal than the .net 4.0 bug.

It looks like OK in the 2815. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :clap:

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