Oxygene, XUnit, VStudio 2019


would it be possible to use XUnit with Oxygene (netcore 3.1 SDK target) and VStudio 2019 Test runner integration?

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in theory that should just work by adding the appropriate references and using the classes; I know we used XUnit ourselves in there past. Are you seeing any errors, or have you not tried yet?

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I’m trying but with no success. I’m not able to let runner discover tests even if I use “dotnet test” CLI the systems raise the following message

No test is available in C:_WORK_\XUnitTests\XUnitTestOxygeneProject\Bin\Debug.\XUnitTestOxygeneProject.dll. Make sure that test discoverer & executors are registered and platform & framework version settings are appropriate and try again.

I’m also tryed to use it netcore2.1 target with the same result. It seems I cannot reference to xunit.runner.console because EBuild failed to compile with this message:
E: Package ‘xunit.runner.console:2.4.1’ has no deliverable for platform ‘netcoreapp 2.1’.

Please, if you can, consider the attached project to verify what I did.

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XUnitTests.zip (32.9 KB)

I’ll have a look on the morning, thanx!