Package error after open Delphi 11

Hi, after installing the demo of RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi.

This Error appears when Delphi is opening.

bds.exe - Ponto de entrada não encontrado

Could not find procedure entry point

@System@Net@Urlclient@TAsyncReadStream@$bcctr$qqrv in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\RemObjects Software\RemObjects SDK for Delphi\Dcu\D28\Win32\RemObjects_Core_D28.bpl.

I have already uninstalled all versions of RemObjects.
I reinstalled Delphi 11.
I applied the November 11.0 Delphi patch package.

I have Delphi 10.4.2 and Delphi 11.0 installed
in 10.4.2 everything works fine.

I deleted the RemObjects installation folder and lost .bpl files.

I already have installed and reinstalled a thousand times the RemObjectsSDK:

  • RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients - - Trial
  • RemObjects Remoting SDK for Delphi and all Clients - - Trial (Delphi 11)

Could this be a Delphi 11.1 vs 11.0 mismatch? I’m not sure if Embarcadero broke binary compatibility between those, you might need 11.1 (not .0) to use the trial.

We don’t have 11.1 only 11.0.
do you have a trial that is version 11.0?

No, that’s the issue, we can only build trial builds for so many versions (we support over 20 different Delphi SKUs), so we target the latest patch level of each version — for Delph 11, that’s 11.1). A full build already takes north of four hours for that, and the installer is over 1GB. ;).

Note that this is an issue only for the trial versions, which ship .dcu/.dcp only; it’s not an issue with the full version, which ships with source and builds for your exact version of Delphi at install-time.

You have two options:

  1. upgrade Delphi 11 to 11.1
  2. evaluate with 10.4 only, and trust us that everything will work fine in Delphi 11.0, once you purchase the full version

is that acceptable?



I’m sorry, but we are using the latest update for each version of Delphi.
so you should install Delphi 11.1.

ESD Online Install:

full version of Data Abstract is compiled on your computer during installed so it will work with Delphi 11.0 w/o any issues