Package matching version not found in any repositories


For a couple of nugets I get these error messages.

D:                      Looking for Moshine.Foundation:[4.0.4]
D:                      Checking repository file:///usr/local/share/dotnet/packs/
D:                      | Package Moshine.Foundation is not known in repository file:///usr/local/share/dotnet/packs/.
E:                      Package Moshine.Foundation matching version [4.0.4] was not found in any repositories.

Is usr/local/share/dotnet/packs/ the only place its looking or should it be listing everywhere it knows about ?

It appears odd because I have 4 nugets in the project but it cant find 2 of them.


hmm. all 4 are in the same place? try a rebuild, wich forgoes the package cache.

Yes they are in the same place. The rebuild fixes it

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