Package StackExchange.Redis:2.0.601 has no deliverable for platform 'netcoreapp 5.0'

I have a console app with StackExchange.Redis as a reference. I see this warning

Unknown or unsupported version of .NET Core (5.0), assuming .NET Standard 1.6.

Im assuming thats why I get the error about the deliverable because in this case the nuget supports .net standard 2.0


Yeah, I’ll need to add 5.0 to the supported versions. has MS announced yet what the .NET Standard version for 5.0 is gonna be? Last I check their table was way out of date…

Fixed for 20200412-142936-elements-develop and later

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I thought that was it, since 5 is replacing both core and framework

All Ive found so far is this from last year

"Moving to a single .NET implementation raises important questions. What will the target framework be? Will NuGet package compatibility rules be the same? Which workloads should be supported out-of-the-box by the .NET 5 SDK? How does writing code for a specific architecture work? Do we still need .NET Standard? We are working through these issues now and will soon be sharing design docs for you to read and give feedback on. "

Looks like its gonna be 2.1 for now, with is what I didn’t put in.