Parser rejects `defer` in switch case

IDE: Visual Studio X/Fire
Version: (develop)
Target (If relevant): OSX
The parser does not accept defer in a switch case.
It is also not accepted in a default: clause.

Expected Behavior:
The defer block should run at the end of the switch case.
Actual Behavior:
A) E: closing bracket expected, got “defer” [<file> (<line>)]"
B) “E: Declaration expected [<file> (<line>)]”

func foo() {
    switch 5 {
    case 5: // Error A
        defer {} // Error B
    default: break

Thanks, logged as bugs://82754

Btw, pro tip: you can copy code with inline error messages with Option-Command-C in Fire, for easily sharing/posting code snippets with errors.

bugs://82754 got closed with status fixed.