*.pas files

I’m working on a large WASM, Oxygene Application & now have the code & data in 8 *.pas files. It is much easier to work with the large Ap divided into multiple files w/ common functionality. Before I’m done it looks like I may want to use 20+.pas files. Is there any problem with the WASM/Oxygene/Elements compiler with 20, 25, 30 *pas files?

Thanks. The Ap is big & getting bigger & I’d hate to run into problems as it grows.

the core compiler project has 455 .pas files, 14.3mb worth of source files and works fine. I think you are good for now :slight_smile: (single project).

The largest single project we have is Go base library, which is 29.6 mb in 2247 go files.


Thanks much so I can proceed w/o worries. Luv WASM.