Pascal Script and DataAbstract on Delphi

I have DataAbstract Installed on Delphi.
I would like to Test Pascal Script, and If I’m not wrong RO and DA use PAscal Scripting Also.
So my question is : Should I install Pascal Script Packages or not to use it.
Another question that come in my mind is that If I have to insall it (install seems to be 4 yers old), can it come in Conflict with RO/DA ?

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if you need visual components like TPSScript, you should install packages. if you plan you create components in runtime, you can avoid it.

I can recommend to use git version: . it is more actual.

RO/DA doesn’t use Pascal Script at least 6+ years.
Scripting support in DA is made via SpiderMonkeyScripting (javascript).

Thanks Evgeny for your Help.