Pascal script download?

Hi there,

The pascal script page states:

Download a copy now from our Downloads page.

But I do not see any link reference to it.

I do see the source code is availble on GitHub. I need Pascal Script for Delphi XE-10.
Will I have to clone the repositoty and build the project myself or are the compiled binaries available somewhere?


Pascal Script is currently only available on GitHub.


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Hi Marc I end up using the pascal script on github, cloned it and compiled the pascalScript_core_d23 i was missing but now i need pascalScript_Ro_d23 since they were on the clone form github I tried to build to get that file but i get this error:

[dcc32 Fatal Error] PascalScript_RO_D23.dpk(38): E2202 Required package ‘RemObjects_Indy_D23’ not found

I look for it and noticed this RemObjects_Indy_D23 was part of data abstract but there is only the bpl file plz help…!!

Do you use Remoting SDK (RO), or just Pascal Script? you only need to build PascalScript_RO_D23 if you use RO, in which case you shod have the RemObjectsSDK_Indy package…

You don’t need to compile add ons , just the pascalscript dpk.