Pascal Script Importer for XE6?


I’m trying to get to grips with Pascal Script but there doesn’t appear to be a download for it on RO’s website any longer.

I’ve grabbed it from Git but the included importer appears ancient and won’t compile with XE6. Is there a more up-to-date version of the importer available somewhere?

we compile it with D7. I’ve attached precompiled version of it: (576.1 KB)

Thanks muchly!

Ok I’ve managed to get this working with a simple class of my own.

However, as per my other thread, what I really need to do is allow access to pre-existing components which are DevExpress ones rather than pure VCL so I can’t use the provided import plugins.

As suspected, trying to supply something as complex as one of DX’s own source files to the importer fails with errors.

Is there any way of achieving this and allowing access to such components and their properties from within the script? The provided import plugins for VCL stuff were obviously created somehow but I have no idea how.

what errors you have caught?

All sorts of things, just general parsing errors. I don’t expect it to work really as the importer is so old that it doesn’t understand more modern syntax such as qualified uses entries like System.UITypes.

I’m trying something else right now - creating simplified wrappers for the components which I can then import and use in the script. This might actually work better as it will allow me to limit and abstract some of the properties of the underlying control to make it more simple for those writing the scripts.

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