PCTradeOffice sample error with the Products table

I am looking at the Relativity Server for a new project and I am getting an error on server side with the products table with the PCTradeOffice sample. I am using Delphi Berlin 10.1.2

It is raising the error “Cannot convert type object to boolean” when I click the preview.


Thanks, logged as bugs://77045


Thank you for the report. It is a kind of bug in the SQLite driver related to bool value storage. Luckily there is a workaround (ofc the next Beta build will contain the fixed data file):
1.Open the Schema in Schema modeler
2.Try to preview data for the Products table and get the error on the screenshot
3.Select the statements node
4.Press 'Add New Statement’
5.On the page appeared set Statement Type to SQL
6.Select NO in the dialog appeared
7.Now set the SQL statement text to

update products set obsolete=0

8.Press the ‘Preview Data’ button. This will execute the statement (despite it doesn’t return any data)
9.Close the Schema Modeler. Do not save the changes made

This will resolve the issue. This is a temporary workaround until the next Beta build is published.

Sorry for the inconvenience

bugs://77045 got closed with status fixed.


Logged as bugs://i64812.

bugs://i64812 was closed as fixed.