Perfomancedifference of Oxygene.NET and Oxygene.Island


(SH) #1

Hey remos,

can you tell me, just in relative, how large is Perfomancedifference of Oxygene.NET and Oxygene.Island ?

Just for interesst^^


(Carlo Kok) #2

Best would be to just try it with your own testcase? We don’t have any of our own benchmarks for this.

(marc hoffman) #3

Also, depends a lot on what you actually do, i expect.

(SH) #4

I honestly forgot this post totally ^^

But, actually the question from my side didnt been much precisely:

Here is what I mean:

What kinda differences do Oxygene-Island and Oxygene.Net have?

are they internally both native or does Oxygene.NET create IL-Code which is able to run JUST in the CLR?

Or does Oxygene.NET have an own cli?

(marc hoffman) #5

Oxygene for .NET compiled to ILcode that runs on the .NET CLR. obviously?

(SH) #6

Are u kidding me now or am i right, i just want to figure your different languages out^^

(marc hoffman) #7

i’m sorry, i’m not sure what’s unclear here or what you are asking

  • Oxygene for .NET compiles to IL code that runs on the .NET CLR. Same as C#.
  • Oxygene for Island/Windows compiles to COU-native x64 or i386 code, and uses Istalnd’s own object system