Platform in attach to process dialog

(JohnMoshakis) #1

In the dialog that appears when you select attach to process, could the platform be automatically selected based on the project type ?

For example Im currently in an echoes project and the platform would be Echoes(.Net Core Debugger)


(marc hoffman) #2

it should be. which specific scenario(es) does not work (and Fire or Water)?

(JohnMoshakis) #3

Ive only attached to a .net core apps so far. Everything works its just that I have change the platform selection from Toffee (Cocoa/LLDB Debugger) to Echo (.Net Core Debugger) every time I want to do something.

(marc hoffman) #4

Ah yes. .NET Core attaching is new, and wasn’t;t in the pre-select logic yet. fixed, thanx!