Please help, that DevExpress will support Mercury (and other languages from RemObjects)

I have created a public topic on DevExpress support, that the will maybe support primarily Mercury in CodeRush.

Please everybody, let them know, that this would be a useful feature!
DevExpress Support

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We‘d be more than happy to work with DevExpress to help them make their products compatible with Elements – but history has shown that vendors such as this want to see demand/requests from their customers, rather than us. So the more people can let DevEx know they are interested, the better.

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I tried, but: image

Nice :frowning:

Devexpress wpf and win forms components work fine with elements. Those a as to the only ones I’ve tried with oxygene.

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Components and libraries will usually work out of the box, yes. it’s the IDE tools that won’t.

My mistake. i read his question to quickly!