Please support Typescript as CodeGen Target

(Günther Schoch) #1


I started to use Angular 2 and really like this new Web Development environment. Angular 2 is fully based on TypeScript and the syntax is 1:1 C# using strong types.

Now it would be a real dream to consume the WebServices produced by the Remobjects SDK directly within the TypeScript environment.

Any plans?

regards Günther

(antonk) #2


That is not a separate CodeGen you need. Rather a TSD is needed (a type definitions allowing to call JS code from TS) + small addon to the JS CodeGen to generate .tsd files for JS _intf files.

We’ll discuss this feature. However I cannot provide you any ETA for this in any case.

(RemObjects) #3

Thanks, logged as bugs://77164

(Günther Schoch) #4

Hello Anton

JS CodeGen to generate .tsd files for JS _intf files.

exactly! An additional TS wrapper for the already existing JS output. That would be a great help! I hope that this issue is considered for the next release :grin:. Manual wrapping is really a nightmare.