Position Independent Executable Problem in Fresh Install of Fire

Just upgraded to the paid version of the suite and upon installing the latest Fire (macOS), I run into the following build error trying to run the default/template WebAssembly project:

lld: error: unknown argument: -no-pie

At some point I was using the mono/external compiler but I deleted my Fire.app directory before installing the new version and I can confirm “Use external Elements Compiler” is unchecked in preferences.

Any ideas as to how to proceed?

Thanks, logged as bugs://82515


is this with 2399? it sounds like this might be a regression from changes we did to webassembly linking last week; i’ll have someone have a look first thing in the morning.

my apologies for the inconvenience.

Yup. Version, . Good to know it may not be just my environment that’s hosed. I really appreciate you taking a look. Thanks much.

Just to give you another piece of info: the build does indeed work on 10.0.2395, so it does look like a regression.

Yeah. We changed the way the Wasm linker works, slightly. I tested it extensively on Windows but for some reason it acts different on OSX. We’re investigating it now.

bugs://82515 got closed with status fixed.