Post Build

Post Build e Pre Build not execute vs2019

Unless you are using the Legacy target, please review

for the slightly revised format of pre/post-build scripts in EBuild.

I already read the guidelines, but I can’t, to test create blank project and just put pre / pos build events.

VS 16.8

ps: note that when you click on the properties of the project in pre-build and post-build there is never a balance what is informed. the post-build label is also inverted

Can you send me a concrete test case? Does the post build event work when you run via ebullient from the command line?

I recorded a video.

Line command not execute with ebuild - Conexão de Área de Trabalho Remota 2021-01-27 17-00-35.rar (6.3 MB)

I believe you, but can I please just get a test case that shows this failing? thanx!

chances are that VS is adding them badly, and they count match the format documented on the page I linked, but to know that I’d like to see there exact project you are building.

WindowsApplication2.rar (94.2 KB)


Looks like it doesn’t get added at all. thats a VS bug; will log.

can you manually edit the file as instructed in the page Iinked above? that should work, then.

Thanks, logged as bugs://85468

bugs://85468 got closed with status fixed.