Pre sales questions


I would like to ask some insight about the RO SDK.
I used in the past kbmmW and it is a good product but it has much bugs and needed a little too bit work to get it stable.

The product will be a real time message/data acquisition system with backend database logging.

It needs to have a following features.

2 Message hubs to form a failover cluster solution
7/24 constant uptime. ( The last uptime for the current solution is about 7 months)
MSSQL or NEXUSDB backend
over 10 million messages per day processed
The message hubs receiving messages from clients (SCADA like applications) processing them, logging them in the database and redistributing the results to the clients.
The message redistribution is push back system, the clients don’t pool the servers
The clients using the servers as a middle tier for dataaccess to get the logs from the database, and inserting some datas.
The clients must be able to switch over the other server if the primary has downed and switch back if it gets back up.

So that is a very rough feature list which must be fullfilled.
Can RO in this scenario be good candidate?


Sandor Dobi

Yes, DataAbstract meets such requirements. It supports MSSQL, NexusDB and a number of other database systems. Super TCP channel supports client’s callbacks without polling server - . Load balancing and fail-over is supported, you can look at “Load Balancing” RemObjects SDK sample and read about this in our wiki . .

Hmm no such information on wiki…

Looks like link is broken due to parenthesis, try this one .

Thanks that much better.

Do you mind sharing your experience using NexusDB with RO/DA?

Is NexusDB stable enough or any advice?